Eye Heroes is growing fast
with more children, volunteers
and organisations getting involved
every day

Are you a school or organisation?

If you would like to host Eye Heroes workshops, then please contact us.
We’d love to hear from you.

Why does it matter?


  • 1 million people in the UK are suffering from avoidable blindness, this is your chance to fight this and grow your standing in the local community
  • One workshop (with 20 children) can inform 150 adults, including those who are harder to reach, and inform our young generation for the future
  • For volunteers, full information and training (online) is provided to run an interactive Eye Heroes workshop
  • The workshop covers the vitally important subject area of eye health which is otherwise not being taught to school children
  • It only takes 3 ingredients to run workshops:
    • Volunteers
    • A projector (workshop can have 20 – 25 children),
      or a computer (workshop can have 5 – 7 children)
    • Workshop participants – our workshops so far have been very successful, with organisers, volunteers and children asking for more!

“Education through Eye Heroes is a good investment that I fully support. Other local governments should try this. I’m very positive that children can educate adults to prevent avoidable sight loss. I believe that eye health should be included in the curriculum.”
– Councillor Yasin, Bedford Borough Council