Eye Heroes offers interactive and informative workshops to young people for free

 “Eye Heroes is a fantastic programme, it allows children to learn really useful knowledge not covered in the curriculum.”
– Teacher, Birmingham school

Why does it matter?

For lots of reasons. Here are a few:

  • 1 million people in the UK are suffering from avoidable blindness, this is your chance to fight back for you and your local community
  • Students turn their learning into action by informing friends and relatives about eye health and the benefits of regular eye tests
  • Children are uniquely placed to inform those who are harder to reach, and informing the young generations for the future
  • One workshop lasts one hour and 30 children can inform 270 adults
  • Multiple workshops can be run with different classes in one day
  • When students become Eye Heroes they receive their own certificate
  • Workshop materials have been designed and tested centrally and our volunteers are provided with all they need to run the interactive Eye Heroes workshop
  • The workshop covers the vitally important subject area of eye health which is otherwise not being taught to school children
  • It only takes 3 ingredients to run workshops:
    • Volunteers
    • A projector (workshop can have 20 – 25 children),
      or a computer (workshop can have 5 – 7 children)
    • Workshop participants – our workshops so far have been very successful, with organisers, volunteers and children asking for more!

“The activities were appropriately pitched to the children’s age and interest, and also informed them of the importance of eye care and what they – as individuals – can do.”
– Teacher at a Birmingham School


“I enjoyed it because they told us lots of reasons why we should get an eye test and how important it is.”
– Lucas, 8 years old ‘Eye Hero’

Are you a school or organisation?

Feel free to download our Eye Heroes Guide for Schools to let you know what to expect from the workshop.

Alternatively, you can contact us to arrange Eye Heroes workshops or to ask any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Eye Heroes are popping up all over the country!