You don’t need to be a teacher
or an expert, all we are looking for
are do-gooders

Get a taste of what the workshops are like below:

Common questions

I’ve never taught before, how do I know I’ll be good at it?
The way we’ve designed our workshop means there are plenty of exciting materials to keep even the most boisterous of groups interested. (Plus, we know you’ll be just great!)

What if I don’t know much about science?
Rest assured that everything you need to know is in our toolkit.

How long does a workshop last?
One hour.

What information will I have access to for running workshops?
You will be provided with an easy to understand training video, a downloadable toolkit and information about everything else that will make the workshop smooth and fun!

Where will I run the workshops?
You don’t have to look far, simply run workshops in your local schools or community centres.

Can I team up with someone else to run a workshop?
Of course. From our experience the workshops run really smoothly if between one and three people run them.

Can I become a Local Lead?
Yes, you can. You have the option to become a Local Lead for Eye Heroes if there isn’t one in your area. Local Leads are our main point of contact for coordinating and communicating future workshops in a specific region.

Can I run more than one workshop?
Feel free to organise as many workshops as you would like to be involved in!

Do I need a DBS check?
Eye Heroes workshops are never run by a volunteer on their own with children – a member of host school will always be present for the duration of the workshop. This also means that you don’t need a DBS check. However, you must not have any convictions or a criminal record.

What’s in it for me?
We’ll recognise your efforts with a certificate and provide references on request. Needless to say, peers and employers will value your experience as an Eye Heroes volunteer – it’s something you can shout about.

For anything else simply email us.

“I’ve never done anything related to volunteering around eyes before but I found it quite easy. It’s not too technical, anybody could do it!”
– Poonam (Volunteer)